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Pampering Your Pet

Your dog is without a doubt your very best friend. In addition, as your best friend, you want to ensure that your pup is taken care of properly. Pampering your dog with items from Love Thy Pet Supply is online pet supply one of the best ways to do this since they are experts on precisely what your pet needs in order to be both happy and healthy. While your dog is most likely a precious member of your family, you surely only want the best for them. Poorly constituted dog food and other pup products will not suffice when it comes to your beloved four legged family member. In order to pamper your dog like nobody’s business, be certain to shop for all of your supplies from Love Thy Pet Supply. Trusting any other retailer in regards to providing simply the finest products for your pet just has no guarantee. Your fur baby deserves for you to provide them with as much love as they give to you.


The merchandise sold by Love Thy Pet Supply is divvied into categories such as pet health and care, clothing, grooming and toys. It serves as your one stop shop for everything you could possibly need for your dog. You will never have to spend your hard earned cash at overpriced pet store chains online pet supply again. Few other retailers, online or offline, offer the selection of pet/dog supplies that Love Thy Pet Supply offers. Serious, savvy and smart pet owners know that there is no better venue to gain their furry friend’s necessary supplies. No matter what breed of online pet supply dog you have, you will be able to locate merchandise for them at Love Thy Pet Supply. From small canines to larger ones and everything in between can be provided for when you shop here.

Pet Groomers Know Best

The pet groomers at Love Thy Pet Supply took the time to choose the items that they sell. Since they only sell items which employees would actually utilize in their grooming business, you can be sure that anything you purchase from the site will be of the highest quality. The online pet supply Love Thy Pet Supply staff is always on hand to answer any inquiries you may have concerning the proper care of your pet. The team at Love Thy Pet Supply even maintains a blog that is brimming with tips and tricks that any dog owner could benefit from learning. When it comes to tips on how to bathe and groom any size or breed of dog, these expert groomers can help.

Discounts and Registration

We all know how expensive it can be to take care of man’s best friend which is why when you sign up for their website’s mailing list, you will gain exclusive access to coupons and discounts on all of the best dog supplies and accessories. Registering to become a member of the Love Thy Pet Supply website allows you to take full advantage of a unique and adorable feature. Ask Barney is an incredible provision that allows you to submit questions and other inquiries regarding how to care for your dog. Barney is the cartoon mascot for Love Thy Pet Supply. He will guide you through your journey as a pet owner and make sure your dog is treated well.