Searching for A Legal representative To aid You

If you find on your own unexpectedly seeking a legal representative, you are possibly currently in a high tension circumstance and have actually currently added a significant new stressor to your life– the task of finding someone to represent you. Even with and also perhaps due to the big number of legal representatives worldwide, discovering one that is an excellent suitable for you could be very challenging. Luckily, you stay in an age when you can easily access info from your house computer system. Beginning with this post as well as its support you could efficiently these legal shark plagued waters.

Speak to Individuals

Your organic impulse is most likely visiting be to strike Google tough yet before you rev your online search engine, the best location to begin is to speak to individuals you already know. Genuine globe connections could still be a beneficial resource of recommendations. To begin, consult your company as well as ask if there are legal solutions readily available to you at an affordable price. An in-house attorney probably isn’t the very best selection if your instance requires specialized understanding however for fundamental document preparation this could be an easy and also economical option.

Your next action should be to ask people that have actually remained in a scenario just like your own. Has your colleague been through a separation or your sister-in-law created her will? They could be able to direct you towards a great lawyer– or maybe inform you who to stay away from. You could take advantage of others’ positive and also adverse past encounters. At the same time, it is essential to consider that there are countless field of expertises within the method of law. The attorney who helped your buddy establish a clinical power of attorney for his parents may not be that you want for your wrongful termination match.

Keeping that in mind, attorneys you currently recognize can be excellent resources of suggestions when trying to find a person to represent you. They might not concentrate on your particular type of case but they probably recognize someone who does. From old regulation institution classmates to fellow members of the state or local Bar Association, lawyers normally have a network of peers to suggest or reject.

Go online

If you do not have anybody to personally ask for advice, that’s ok. There are several resources online to assist you make this difficult choice. An outstanding place to begin is just one of the trustworthy reference websites like Avvo, FindLaw, LawHelp, and also, all which have been recommend in Customer Information. You can use these sites to locate fundamental contact information as well as to check out client evaluations. The site for the state and local bar organization is similarly a great source. It can address faqd about regulations in your geographical location and enables you to search for whether a legal representative has any kind of lawful infractions.

Establish up an appointment

You may really feel certain that based on your friend’s suggestion and also the attorney’s online reviews, you’re all set to authorize on the dotted line. Withstand the desire to rush. It’s essential to guarantee that your legal representative is a great fit for your character. You may need to reveal delicate information to this person and also if you do not feel that you can trust them, you might not be able to be absolutely sincere. You may merely discover them too abrasive or assume they appear disorganized. Initial conferences are typically complimentary (but be sure to ask very first) as well as can make your life a lot easier.

There is also a collection of important inquiries to ask during this very first appointment. You desire to make certain you recognize the terms of your agreement before you commit on your own.

1. Who will actually be managing your situation? The company or companion could have a gold star score, but if your case will be handed off to a new relate to little supervision, you’re not getting the high standard of service the evaluations have actually assured.

2. Exactly how do they demand? Some legal representatives bill by the hr, some a level charge, and also some only if they are able to win a civil fit and recover cash for you. Their invoicing technique could make a large distinction in just how much you end up paying. You need to additionally inquire about just what expenses you will certainly be accountable for meeting.

3. Just how can you best communicate with them as well as just how long does it normally take them to obtain back to a customer?

4. Just how heavy is their current situation tons? If they are currently overwhelmed with work, they might not have the ability to provide you the treatment and also interest you need.

5. Do they have any kind of additional qualifications that especially certify them to operate in this location of the legislation?

Bear in mind, this is an important decision and also you require to completely research study before making it. Count on your impulses and also do not be worried to ask inquiry, after you have actually authorized the contract. If you’re not happy with exactly how your situation is being managed, talk up. Being proactive now will certainly conserve many frustrations in the future.


Frankincense Heals Cancer cells

Incense and even the battle against Cancer cells

What Is Incense Oil?

Incense, also understood as olibanum, originates from the Boswellia genus trees, specifically Boswellia sacra and also Boswellia carteri. The milklike white sap is extracted from the tree bark, permitted to harden into a gum material for several days, and after Frankincense and Cancer that scuffed off in tear-shaped droplets.

Boswellia trees expand in African as well as Arabian areas, including Yemen, Oman, Somalia, as well as Ethiopia.3 Oman is the most effective understood as well as most ancient resource of incense, where it’s been traded as well as delivered to various other locations like the Mediterranean, India, and China for countless years.

The first-rate frankincense is clear and also silvery, however with a slight green tint. Brown-yellow ranges are the least expensive and also most readily available. In Oman, the most effective incense is generally booked for the sultan and even is seldom delivered out of the country.

Frankincense is generally melted as scent, and even was charred and also ground into a powder to create the heavy kohl eyeliner made use of by Egyptian ladies. Today, this resin is steam-distilled to create a fragrant vital oil with several benefits.

Frankincense oil has a woody, natural, spicy, and even slightly fruity fragrance, which is calming and also relaxing. It’s claimed to be sweeter, fresher, and also cleaner than frankincense resin.

incense and even cancerDr Mercola

Battle Cancer cells With Incense

Handle cancer with simple, less pricey, organic techniques. If you attempt to do more healing compared to injury to your body system by staying clear of unneeded harsh chemicals, the battle against cancer will be a lot more loosened up. Utilizing organic treatments to soothe straightforward troubles connected with cancer will reduce expenses and also permit those seriously hardhitting medical therapies to be much more effective. Although the majority of natural remedies will certainly not completely treat or cure cancer, they can control the negative effects of chemotherapy routines as well as counter general discomfort. Nevertheless, there are numerous all-natural compounds that do have recovery impacts on malignant cells and also among those is Incense, which seems to damage cancer cells and even leave healthy ones alone.

Vital Oils

If you do not understand where to begin your natural treatment search take into consideration essential oils. An actually helpful vital oil is frankincense. It is quite prominent, and even it can also be acquired in dry kinds. Typically it is made use of in aromatherapy, however frankincense could also be ingested in percentages. The listing of wellness improve incense is rather extensive, yet these are a few of the certain cancer cells By being an organic antiinflammatory, incense opens up ducts and also vessels to allow liquids to move openly with the body. The boosted circulation of fluids allows nutrients reach those tough to get to areas that quickly come to be neglected. With correct respiration and even even more readily available nutrients, the body goes for a higher performance. As the body is pumping thoroughly, every one of the systems function a lot better, including the body immune system that can prevent cancer cells to begin with. Favorable mobile processes are enhanced by frankincense. Much desired cancerfighting cells will certainly have the ability to perform more effective attacks on those hassles while the bad cells will begin showing much-desired habits. Not only will cancerous developments help lawyer lose their capability to increase, but they will additionally start to degenerate via selfdestructive features that are jump-started by the incense all-natural remedy. Swelling and stress created by saving excess water in the body develops discomfort, but it could be lowered. Water usage and transportation throughout the body enhances with the participation of incense. Enhanced urination due to much less water retention will certainly aid with reducing weight law firm directory and also maintaining it off. Additionally, frankincense gives relief from stress and tension, so it is Battles versus cancer take a great deal out of looks. Rising in the early morning could be challenging, let alone presenting initiatives to look the very best. Astringent properties of incense will tighten up pores, prevent hair loss as well as reduce the exposure of skin splotches. Enhancement of bodily function kicks the regenerative procedures right into high equipment, so bothersome inflammation and spots really begin to disappear. Frankincense is not advised as an allexclusive cancer cells treatment since it does not have the stamina to conquer major cancer cells formation, but it can counteract some of the unpleasant, stressful and even dangerous results associated to the difficult health problem. Contemplate utilizing it when the prescriptions and over-the-counter medicines just are inadequate. A natural cancer cells remedy could also reduce poisoning in the body system to ease sickness because it is a simple plant extract without any well-known side results. In general, the empowerment of the body and even self-provided by this important oil will certainly help individuals keep striving in the battle versus cancer cells.


What Kind of Attorney Are Readily available

What Type of Legal representatives Are There?

So you’re standing there, putting your guts out to the supportive individual who ‘d merely been introduced to you as a lawyer. What good luck! You’ve got an awkward problem and might use some help with it, so you start informing your story … when ultimately, your understanding friend claims “Sorry. I’m not that kind of attorney.” Wow. Are your cheeks red!

The amount of Sort of Legal representatives Are There?

There are practically two fundamental sort of lawyers: criminal legal representatives or civil attorneys. Nevertheless, within those two groups, there are lots of various “technique locations” in which an attorney could specialize.

So, exactly how numerous? That’s actually a tough concern to respond to, possibly due to the variety of laws that are offered to be taken care of. The actual number is difficult to determine (if you intend to discover out why this is so, consider this

Anyway, if you have to seek advice from a legal representative, it is essential to locate one that specializes and methods in the location pertaining to your problem. Right here are a few of the most generally sought areas of regulation:

Personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy laws shield people and also companies, however bankruptcy has long-term economic and also lawful repercussions, as well as the know-how of a seasoned, professional attorney is critical. While lawfully, an attorney is not required to file bankruptcy, declaring by yourself is much much less most likely to be effective.


Divorce attorneys concentrate on emotionally-charged legal issues involved in dissolving domestic partnerships, and handle addressing questions of child custody/visitation, division of assets/liabilities, and spousal/child assistance.

Clinical Malpractice

Clinical negligence is an incredibly complex location of injury method, and also due to the fact that states might have different laws of constraint in position that influence the instance, the insight of a lawyer knowledgeable in this area must be looked for when feasible.

Company Legislation

Business regulation is a very wide location that could vary from quite fundamental to very complicated combinations of vastly different locations of legislation.

Family Legislation

Family Law focuses on issues surrounding residential partnerships, standard as well as non-traditional, consisting of marital relationship, residential collaborations, civil unions as well as other household structures. Family law practice likewise manages residential violence, dna paternity, annulment, adoption, surrogacy, child abduction (domestic as well as worldwide), termination of adult legal rights, as well as pre- and post-nuptial agreements.


Individual injury legislation is likewise known as tort regulation, as well as is created to shield you if you or your house is hurt or damaged as a result of another person’s act or failing to act. Injury attorneys are crucial to assist you navigate the lots of as well as intricate regulations as well as policies that impact an instance when a person has been harmed literally or psychologically by one more individual or an individual’s act of carelessness.


Migration Regulation lawyers assist companies by getting the visas as well as work authorization required to utilize international employees in this nation, and need to have considerable encounter handling matters prior to the U.S. Citizenship and also Migration Services (CIS), Immigration and also Customs Enforcement (ICE), Traditions and Border Security (CBP), the United States Division of Labor, and also U.S. Consulate Offices around the globe. For people, they have the competence to assist clients in all stages of the migration process.


Genuine estate legal representatives represent parties included in the sale, acquisition or lease of actual estate – from the quite straightforward domestic to intricate industrial deals entailing a number of events and controling bodies.

Crook Law

Criminal attorneys manage an extremely particular, extremely complex location of regulation: Lawbreaker laws are sprayed throughout some 27,000 web pages of the government code that handle every kind of criminal activity, from the ones you review on a daily basis, like sex criminal activities, burglary, violence, and criminal help lawyer web traffic offenses – to the a lot more rare as well as intricate criminal offenses like anti-trust or ecological and even FDA offenses, as well as fraudulence at all levels.

Labor & Work

Today’s office needs rigorous conformity with a huge array of ever-changing state and also federal laws and rules, and it takes a lawyer with large skills to deal with the complex labor and employment legislation concerns that could occur. A labor & employment lawyer should have the knowledge to assist customers run within the complex web of federal and also state work laws when making company decisions that affect staff members at all levels, along with supply recurring advice to aid customers stay away from prospective employee-related responsibility issues.

Air travel Regulation

An Aeronautics Law attorney offers guidance as well as preparing in all sectors of the air travel sector, including flight, air travel, associated legal and also business concerns, the procedure of plane and also the upkeep of aeronautics facilities, as well as needs a comprehensive understanding of FAA rules, certain laws pertaining to air travel, and also a thorough understanding of aviation.

Agricultural Legislation

Agricultural attorneys take care of the the facility as well as ever-changing market, company, and also governing concerns that affect the people and businesses in the food and agriculture sector. Their customers range from farmers to agricultural equipment manufacturers/dealers with the industrial chain of company and organizations involved in making use of farming end-products, also restaurants. There is a dizzying range of government, state, and also local firms that control agricultural tasks, and lots of legal representatives secretive method concentrate on one certain type of regulation for food and agriculture.


It’s up to you: if you require assistance from a lawyer, make sure that the one you approach methods in the area of law that you need prior to asking their suggestions. Consider just what you’ve got to shed – it may be a great deal more compared to just humiliation!


Reflection To Minimize High blood pressure

Meditation has actually long been admired for its mind, body and also spirit benefits. It is a method that has actually stood the test of time for thousands of years, and now in every stroll of life– from kids to grownups as well as in every religious beliefs, it is being slowly accepted as typical method. The majority of people think about the spiritual benefits of reflection and also rarely ever assume regarding the physical benefits that a person can obtain with the method of reflection.

What Meditation Is

reflection as well as high blood pressureMeditation is the technique of bringing the mind, body and spirit right into consistency and one another. Sounds easy! well thankfully, it is, yet a lot of individuals think about it as a job and not something that is a present that is integral within us all– instead like your instinct. The device that we utilize for meditation is the breath. Your breath is the most perfect device that has been given to you when you discover how to utilize it effectively, the benefits are tremendous, however one vital advantage is the relaxing result it has upon the body. The body responds negatively when under pressure as well as this appears in enhanced blood pressure, which subsequently sends out a signal to the mind and also the heart, creating even more excessive pressure literally materialized within the body. Nonetheless, allow’s currently consider the sensations of reflection and high blood stress.

The Physical Benefits– Meditation and High Blood Stress

High blood pressure is just one of the largest reasons for heart failure as well as untimely fatality in grownups. Nevertheless, it is also understood that it can be one of the ailments that could effortlessly be dropped in its tracks with way of life adjustments, however in all areas of one’s life. The main offender for this condition is carelessness of one’s nutrition as well as not being able to manage anxiety, which is the main alternative news contributing factor to Hypertension

Meditation Decreases Your Hypertension.

In order to manage the last it is necessary to minimize your anxiety to a manageable degree or even much better– also lower. The heart price and tension are closely associated and also learning to soothe oneself through the method of meditative techniques could have a reducing impact on your blood stress. The act of deep breathing and also being conscious of the breath really causes the heart price to reduce down and one begins to obtain into an unwinded as well as comfortable state. Your high blood pressure will naturally decrease and you will begin to feel the physical positive aspects in your body. There is a straight meditation for high blood pressure correlation to reflection and high blood stress. The American Heart association has suggested meditation as a serious competitor to decreasing heart attack and also voiding various other materialistic acts as well as medicines. The best medicine you can have that is unending is of course, Meditation as well as its not so difficult to do.


Nashville Air Conditioning And Heating Contractor

It\’s quite hard to everyone for staying inside the room during hot summer.   It is important to know a little bit about what can go wrong so that one is prepared in the event the air conditioning unit in his or her home is not working properly. Most central heating and air conditioning systems in residential applications are split systems. In the beginning, they were very large in size but the improvement in technology reduced the size of the machines.

So maybe you\’re wondering by now,. Its portability is of great benefit and is one of the main features to appreciate when considering to buy a vertical air conditioner.  Also, accessories will need to be compatible with the type of conditioner that the buyer chooses.

Step seven of the 7 is to check the exhaust vents. In 1953 there were about 1,045,000 units sold. In 1953 there were about 1,045,000 units sold. Every square foot has 20 BTU, so buy an air conditioner with appropriate SEER ratings and size for your room.

Next is to check the ducting in forced air systems, this is step five. Because the unit might be cleaned out regularly, sometimes air conditioners needs basic cleaning of fillers and blower fans. But the ways that mini splits save you on electricity is not only found in their S. You will need to meet state income guidelines which often vary from state ac repair orlando to state.

The chances of system breakdown can be reduced to almost nil if an a/c maintenance schedule is observed problems can still surface though, even with maintenance. Irregular noises may be identified. Irregular noises may be identified. Every square foot has 20 BTU, so buy an air conditioner with appropriate SEER ratings and size for your room.

Final most important thing, air conditioner unit should be more comfortable to operate and maintenance. Because the unit might be cleaned out regularly, sometimes air conditioners needs basic cleaning of fillers and blower fans. Some models have automatic restart functionality providing air conditioning even if power failure happens.

Call Frog Heating and Air Conditioning – Bringing Comf ort to Your Pad! Or reach us at 159 Green Street, Suite a Nashville, TN 37210 615-823-396. One should also note that Goldstar air conditioners are also beneficial to those who are suffering from asthma and allergies. If you are looking for a temporary solution, though, or if you want to test air conditioning in situ before deciding to buy, its perfect.


How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

Where did this Fossil Fuel Addiction Come From?The Industrial Revolution in the United Kingdom (1750 to 1850) was a pivotal time in our evolution.  This was a period in which major technological advances in transportation, agriculture, manufacturing and mining allowed for the mass exodus from farms and into cities.  This period reshaped all aspects of society and culture – its impact continues to reflect on modern society for it was during the Industrial Revolution that our collective affinity for burning fossil fuels was first developed.  Within the past 250 years, man’s burning of fossil fuels (oil, gas and coal) has released hundreds of millions of years worth of carbon stores into the atmosphere and brought the concept of the Carbon Footprint into our lexicon.  This method of energy generation is destroying our air quality and warming the planet, therefore increasing demand for alternative energy sources (wind, solar, hydroelectric) is creating more choices for consumers.

I would not consider myself a ‘hardcore’ environmentalist, but I have modified my personal  consumption in a several ways over the past decade.  In 2006, I became interested in solar as a potential energy source for my home however the cost at that time was prohibitive  (it would have taken me over 40 years to make back my initial investment in the form of cost savings).  I have recently decided to revisit solar panels and am pleased to report that the industry has evolved and costs have come down.  Before I get into the specifics of solar panel costs, I offer a bit of background on the technology.

Solar Panels

Solar panels convert photons from the sun into electricity (the photovoltaic effect).  A panel is made of hundreds of individual solar cells.  Each cell is able to generate a certain amount of electricity, therefore higher energy levels can be generated by adding extra panels.  At the extreme, huge desert solar farms such as the 70,000 panel Nellis Solar Power Plant in Nevada are capable of producing 25 million kilowatt hours worth of electricity annually (enough to power 1,750 average American households).  

The cost to install enough solar panels to power your home depends on 2 factors – your consumption and the annual number of sunlight hours in your region.   

Step 1 – Determine Your Household Consumption

The Department of Energy estimates that the average American household consumes 14,000 kilowatts of electricity each year.  For a more precise measure of your specific consumption, you can either refer to your last electrical bill or visit the BD Batteries link in the Bibliography to this article, where you can provide an inventory of all your appliances and the site will estimate the consumption.

In all likelihood, if you decide to install solar panels, you will either under-produce Individuals who install solar panels are able to either produce less than their home requires (ie solar supplements their electrical needs) OR produce more than they require (and selling the excess back to their electrical supplier). 

Step 2 – Find the Average Number of Daily Sunlight Hours in your Region

The average number of daily sunlight hours http://solarpanelsystem varies by region, and this information is easily found online.  In 2011, Chicago averaged just 3.1 hours worth of sunshine per day (lowest in the US) while Inyokern, CA averaged 7.6 hours per day.  

Step 3 – Calculate Number of Panels needed to meet your Consumption

Using an online calculator, it is a straightforward calculation to tell how many kilowatts per day you need to produce based on your available sunlight hours.  For example, a Chicago home would need twice the number california solar rebates of panels to produce the same daily output as the same home in Inyokern.  

Said differently, if my home consumed 24 kilowatts (kw) per day and I averaged 3 hours of sun, I would need to buy enough panels to generate (24kw / 3hrs =) 8 kw/hr during my 3 sunlight hours.  If I had 6 hours of sun, I would need to buy half the number of panels because I would need to generate (24kw / 6hrs =) 4 kw/hr.

Step 4 – So How Much Are We Talking About Here?

Once you know your required daily kw, you can now calculate how many panels you need.  Panels come in different sizes, so for the purpose of this analysis I will assume 65 Watt Panels at an average cost of $175 each.   The conversion from kilowatts to watts and accounting for loss from inefficiencies is a little complicated, therefore I provide the following chart:

Step 5 – The Cost-Benefit Analysis

These costs may seem a little intimidating, but remember that we are paying a one time cost for no more electrical bills.  To make sure we are comparing ‘apples-to-apples’, I like this quick-and-dirty tip to compare solar with conventional electricity:

Find a mortgage payment calculator online.  Your bank probably has one on their web site.

Pretend that you are borrowing the full amount of the solar conversion as a new loan

Assume a 6% annual rate and a 10 year term (and amortization)

If the payments needed to carry this loan are LESS than your current monthly electrical bill, you should be investigating solar further. 

If the payments are a little bit MORE, do some digging and find out if you can cut back on your consumption and contact a local solar contractor.  There may be government incentives that help swing the numbers.

If the payments are a lot MORE, stick with what you already have.

Unfortunately, I live in a rainy climate and solar panels are not feasible for my situation (although I am looking up realtors in Inyokern as you read this article!).  If you are interested in exploring the topic of alternative energy further, Alternative Energy for Dummies is a decent place to start.  I would love to hear your take on this approach, or if you have installed solar panels, how you are finding them.  Please leave your comments below for other readers to see.


Solar power

Solar power pros

1. A Renewable energy resource (RES).

Sustainable sources are non-fossil power sources that are restored by mommy nature; Environment friendly energy sources have many perks as well as advantages over other traditional energy sources as they are thought about to be sustainable as well as eco-friendly.

2. Ecologically lasting.

Using eco sustainable power sources implies thinking about as well as caring for the environmental worry we enforce on the earth; hence reducing CARBON DIOXIDE and other harmful gasses discharges right into the ambience and also combating worldwide warming and greenhouse impacts. Additionally, by utilizing alternate RES we add against deficiency of the natural down payments.

3. Plentiful and also totally free.

Solar power is eco-friendly, bountiful as well as complimentary! Being continually renewed by mommy earth it is a power source that can not be tired. Solar energy capacity is surprisingly massive! “… Assuming 100 % absorption of solar radiation, it would only call for 88 mins of solar radiation to cover for mankind’s complete energy intake for a year! “- ref. solar energy capacity.

4. Available energy source.

Aside from being cost-free and also bountiful by nature, solar power is also readily available worldwide. Although the areas zone closest to the equator have the highest solar luster, however, various other areas being further north and also southern from the equator could additionally make use of solar power; an excellent example of this is Germany which has handled to discover effectively its solar energy also at an altitude of 51 deg. As a result, Solar energy is offered anywhere the sunlight shines; its top quality, nevertheless, varies according to location and climatic problems.

5. Readily available when required most.

Solar power, as a source of power, generally has the advantage of being available when it is required most; such as, in very hot summer season days where electric energy demand reaches its peak for space air conditioning, so is solar energy supply of the summer season sun.

6. In the direction of Environment-friendly power.

The substantial possibility of solar power may hold the key to gradually disengaging nonrenewable fuel sources from power generation; thus pass through much more into eco-friendly power as well as sustainable development.

7. Integrity of energy resource.

Commonly, sustainable power sources are basically uncertain, consequently unreliable, as a result of weather habits (weather condition is unforeseeable– view solar power disadvantages); nonetheless, solar power exhibits reasonably high integrity topic to area particular historic information and also technology setup made use of (e.g. with energy storage space). Utilizing Solar energy is of training course less dependable compared to making use of any sort of fossil gas (oil or gas) however far more reliable than wind power.

8. Widely utilized.

Solar power is made use of in a broad area of applications by utilizing different technologies. In search of ways to fight our environmental challenges, the large capacity of solar power has actually been a main driver for the worldwide economic climate, technological advancement and also ultimately wish for a lasting future. That is why solar power is used in a broad stove of applications that is consistently increasing; these include the building sector on buildings (solar panels for house, solar water heating systems, passive solar), for generation of power, assimilation with other modern technologies solar energy such as solar illumination, powering electrical tools as well as tools (power boat, solar plane, solar vehicles and so on) and using it in our daily lives for food preparation– solar cooking.

Solar Power Cons.

1. Simply in daytime.

As it is conveniently recognized, solar power is simply offered throughout the day and also as long as the sunlight is shining.

2. Unforeseeable climate.

When it comes to all organic solar power sources, their supply is as predictable as the climate on the place of the site. Unfortunately weather variants are recurring as well as extremely unpredictable, affecting greatly the direct usage of all renewable resources.

3. Costly innovation.

Although solar power is unimpeded offered by nature, to gather it and also us it we need expensive modern technology (solar energy systems). Generally, using solar power in place of traditional energy sources will certainly cost even more cash; it is thus financially unrealistic. To compensate for this ‘economic barrier, solar energy has been a primary target of monetary incentives advertising ecological solutions.